About Us

Finding the root causes in the Information Field. TimeWaver provide the solutions of Personal Coach, Biz Consultant and Holistic Health.​

About U-SUN

U-SUN Asia was founded in Singapore in 2010. It has evolved from personal health management to comprehensive prevention and speech therapy (language resonance).

Through a natural approach to enhance self-vitality, improve health, and cultivate an elegant quality of life, U-SUN Asia empowers everyone to create miracles and attain a healthy and joyful life.

In 2016, U-SUN Healthcare Co. Ltd. was established in Taipei, Taiwan by Mr. Arthur Chen, Dr. Magnus Lou, and Mr. Michael Huang. Its aim was to meet the holistic wellness demands of the region and to further introduce our products to the international market.

Arthur Chen, Founder

Mr. Arthur Chen, the founder of U-SUN, studied Electrical Engineering and work on the field of semiconductor industry. He worked for Motorola as a senior manager in Asia for years.

In 2003, Arthur established Kromax South Asia Pte Ltd. with Mr. Kell Huang, the founder of Kromax Company, which provides cutting edge system solutions and engineering services for semiconductor manufacturing.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Arthur Chen has cultivated a lifelong passion for disciplines such as Qi Kung, Tai Chi, and Meditation, amassing over four decades of experience. It was in 2012, during an event in Singapore, that he was introduced to the first English version of the TimeWaver System.

With a fusion of his diverse background and personal experiences, Arthur Chen is deeply dedicated to advancing the vision of a quality life. He aspires to enable individuals to witness and harness the extraordinary potential of energy and information medicine.

This commitment extends beyond personal health management and extends to the realm of corporate management, with a focus on holistic prevention and health promotion. The overarching goal is to enhance self-vitalization and facilitate the creation of elegant, miraculous, and happy personal lives for all. U-SUN embodies this vision and is the platform through which these transformative ideas are brought to life.