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Finding the root causes in the Information Field. TimeWaver provide the solutions of Personal Coach, Biz Consultant and Holistic Health.​

About U-SUN

U-SUN Healthcare Pte Ltd. was founded in Singapore in 2010. It has developed from personal health management to comprehensive prevention and speech therapy (language resonance). Through a natural way to promote self-vitality, improve health, and further create an elegant quality of life. So that everyone can create miracles to achieve a healthy and happy life.

TimeWaver System
Developed by Marcus Schmieke

TimeWaver lets you analyze and harmonize deeper interrelationships and backgrounds, including spiritual and material imbalances in the Information Field. Be it medical care, wellness, vitality, sports, business or coaching: TimeWaver can provide you with new and holistic approaches.

Welcome to the World of TimeWaver

Discover the experience of Information Field Technology and Frequency Application

Integrated application methods for different practices

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Different Application Levels of the TimeWaver System

TimeWaver Frequency
Timewaver Frequency

For Your Holistic Wellbeing

TimeWaver Frequency, a Class II medical device, uses TimeWaver technology and microcurrents for pain management, improved circulation, and muscle relaxation in healthcare settings. It integrates Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies for enhancing patient wellbeing.

TimeWaver Pro
Timewaver Pro

Insights On Every Level

The TimeWaver Pro system is designed to help you analyze backgrounds in the Information Field and balance them with new information patterns on different levels.

  • Background analysis
  • Integrative applications on multiple levels
TimeWaver Home
Timewaver Home

Wellbeing In Your Hand

TimeWaver Home system is a compact system for Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) application. Although it is versatile and powerful, it can be easily operated by anyone with just three buttons. In addition to its programs for a wide range of applications, it includes special compilations for bioenergetic systemic application.


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