Our smart sensors monitor your equipment health and quickly alert you when maintenance is required


Edge Computing

All measurement, signal processing, data collection and analytics reside inside the smart sensor at the equipment level

Data Collection and Visualization

Local on-board storage and visualization of measurements and health metrics for one year

Turn-Key Analytics

Customized model-based fault detection algorithms for each application with health metrics and user defined alarm limits

Fault Classification

Automatically identify the source of the equipment issues for quick resolution with minimal impact to your throughput and production line uptime

Information at Your Fingertips

Web browser based access to all smart sensor functionality from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer

Fast Integration

Smart sensors are easily connected to your intranet using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.


Widespread sensor integration in consumer products is changing the face of industrial manufacturing

Today we expect to have real-time information at our finger tips to make informed decisions about our manufacturing equipment and processes.  The exponential growth in conjunction with new innovations in this market provides us with more sensing element options than ever before.


  • Current: hall effect, rogowski coil, transformer coil
  • Distance and Proximity: capacitive, eddy-current, hall effect, inductive, laser, LED, magnetic
  • Flow: magnetic, mechanical, optical, pressure, thermal mass, ultrasonic
  • Force: resistive strain, piezoelectric
  • Gascomposition, mass flow, pressure, leak
  • Light and Color: LED, photodiode, photoelectric, photoresistor
  • Motion: doppler, infrared, optical, radar, ultrasonic
  • Orientation: accelerometer
  • Pressure: gas, barometric, vacuum
  • Radiation: nuclear, RF, photovoltaic, pyroelectric
  • Resistance: current, voltage, temperature
  • Seismic: accelerometer
  • Sound: microphone
  • Temperature: thermocouple, PRT, RTD, laser
  • Vibrationaccelerometer
  • Voltage: resistive, transformer



Prevent Scrap

Predict equipment failures to minimize costly product scrap or rework by no longer running to fail

Reduce Mean-Time to Repair (MTTR)

Fault detection and classification allows manufacturing personnel to repair and return your equipment back to production as quickly as possible

Eliminate Unscheduled Downtime

Maintain your manufacturing equipment on your terms without running to fail.

Reduce Equipment Cost of Ownership (COO)

Change consumables based on need rather than some arbitrary calendar date

Turnkey Solution

Our smart sensors are not tool kits or science projects.  Immediately benefit from our knowledge working at manufacturing sites around the world where we have already solved the issues you are facing.