Our Services

With a proven track record in South East Asia, our highly trained and experienced engineers can understand and anticipate your requirements.

Key Service Categories

Custom solutions using Integrated Systems and AIoT devices

We provide SECS GEM factory and equipment system solutions and SECS drivers for PLC equipment. These include data acquisition and real time monitoring systems tied in with sensors to PCS, such as SPC, APC and IoT big data systems.

Supply niche parts, materials and consumables

Supplying of high precision and quality parts, jigs fixtures and assembly. Fabrication can be done based on reverse engineering, new designs or in new engineering materials to meet your specific application's criteria

General engineering projects and services

For all other needs, our team of experienced engineers are ready to assist you in your general engineering projects and services you might require, such as repairs, rebuilds, overhauls, and systems or parts' modifications.

Your Success is our Priority

Our foundation is built upon unwavering customer service, stopping at nothing to ensure your precise criteria are met. Through prioritising your needs and implementing efficient processes, we cultivate a thriving environment where your requirements and the best solutions come together in a seamless and responsive manner.

We understand that every system is unique and requires special attention. Our experienced and friendly team is here to provide clarity and assistance. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you promptly.