Kromax South Asia

Who We Are

Kromax South Asia has more than 10 years of experience in providing engineering solution and services.

From expertise in stand alone products to providing integrated solutions, we enable our customers to acquire leading edge technologies to succeed in global markets.

Our core competency is in the semiconductor manufacturing industry including wafer manufacturing, solar cells, LED manufacturing. Our team work closely with our customers to provide energy efficient and state-of-art solution that enables our customer to improve their core manufacturing competencies.

Kromax South Asia was established in Singapore in 2003. We have now grown and expanded our operations to Malaysia.

Mission and Vision

We wish to create an environment in which all our customers and partners can work together to achieve mutual success.

Our mission is to enhance the competitiveness of our customers in the global market. The success of our principals and Kromax depends on empowering our customers to acquire leading edge technologies to produce best quality and cost effective products to succeed in global markets.

Our Products

We embraced a set of virtues as our guiding principles in our business, namely:


Building trust with customers and partners

Value Creation

Enabling customers and partners with state of art technology


Applying best practices in our sales and service engagement


Growing business with responsive Account Manager

Inspiring for Innovation

Doing things consistently better to bring more value in our work

Service Excellence

Providing responsive and quality services that exceed customers’ expectation

Team Work

Working as a team so that everybody wins

Fun and nurturing environment

Developing each employees’s potential to the fullest