Our Products

Our esteemed partners are tried and tested leaders in their fields and possess the capability to offer tailored solutions that cater to diverse industries and applications.

Our Findings

With top notch products and systems solutions from around the world, our projects have shown benefits up to the following figures:

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Energy Savings
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Maintenance Period Extension
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Scrap Reduction

Our Partners' products are best-in-class and geared towards delivering these key advantages for our clients:

  • Lowering cost of ownership(COO) of equipment through effective systems solutions
  • Increasing Return on Investment through adopting latest technologies
  • Improving MTTR & MTBC with efficient niche materials and enhanced engineering solutions
  • Higher efficiency and production throughput through Energy Management and Turnkey Predictive Maintenance solutions
  • Meet national ESG and Sustainability standards through leading Green Technologies

Customised Flexible Heat Element Resistance & Temperature Control Solutions

BriskHeat has more than 70 years of international experience in providing heating solutions such as heating jackets in various applications. Great heating uniformity & efficiency. Real time monitoring of heating jackets' performance. Semiconductor OEMs approved quality. More than 50% energy savings is achievable via BriskHeat's heating system.

A True Predictive Maintenance Sensor Solution

InControl Engineering provides smart sensor solutions to diagnose equipment health and predict errors in real time before failure. Enables reduction of downtime, product scrap and PM cost. Patented Al smart algorithm to effectively diagnose the equipment vibration, heating, dust particles, acoustic, pressure, voltage & current abnormalities. InControl Engineering's sensors are integrable with clients' monitoring platforms.

A Leader in Wet Thermal Oxidation of VCSEL Process

AET Technologies' Wet Thermal Oxidation is a unique solution for Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) wafers. In situ control (real time monitoring) of oxide aperture growth. High yield for VCSEL wafer processing tool. AET Technologies provide tailor-made and standard technology solutions for a wide range of applications.

A Compact Wet Chemical Concentration Analyser​

Mega Crystal Biotechnology Singapore's non-contact (Absorption Spectroscopy) type chemical analyser. High precision, real time monitoring and cloud-based platform. Flexible integrability, Max up to 6 composition analysis. Available in liquid extraction and clamp types. Suitable for semiconductor, PCB, Petrochemical and Food industries

High Precision Chemical Concentration Titrator Analyser​

Entegris | Global Measurement Technologies' Realtime monitoring chemical concentration analyser in DSP+, acids & bases, Copper & Tungsten CMP, TMAH, HF, Cleans & Copper Etch applications. High accuracy & repeatability, small footprint and ease of maintenance.

A Reliable CMP Slurry Particle Measurement Technology​

Semitec focuses on ultra pure & waste water treatment, handling and monitoring CMP slurries, chemical supply & disposal, gas detection. 3C Photometer is an inline 3-wavelength photometer to measure the concentration and particle sizes in CMP slurries. Large particles Detector (LPD) is an inline particle detector for coarse particle detection.

A Trusted Provider of Vacuum Systems, Components & Valves​

Nor-Cal Products by Pfeiffer Vaccum offers precision high & ultra high systems of 304/316 stainless steel. Vacuum products covering poppet valves, liner gat values, pendulum valves, genesis valves, N-series valves, flanges, clamps, centering rings & fittings, traps & filters, feedthroughs, etc.

An Innovator and Pioneer in Proven Water Mist Fire Protection​

Securiplex launched the first approved water mist system. FM-approved fire protection system to extinguish fires in seconds even in the most severe flammable liquid processes. Innovative technology of small water mist particles, as small as 10µm, which effectively quenches down the flaming area's temperature.

Industrial 4.0 and Green Technologies

The Award Winning Smart Energy Monitoring Technology​

3Egreen provides wireless, plug & play smart power meter. Enables energy consumption visualisation, energy management, equipment aging and abnormality diagnosing. Integrable with clients' monitoring platforms. 3Egreen's smart energy trackers are highly accessible through remote monitoring over their proprietary cloud-based system.

Intelligent Sculptural Solar Flower with Advanced Photovoltaic Solar Aanels

Intelligent Energy
The smartest solar solution ever made.

Smartflower uses advanced robotics and automation to intelligently track the sun, making up to 40% more energy than traditional stationary solar panels. In addition, every day at sunset, Smartflower will automatically fold up and clean itself to maintain peak solar utilization.

A Leader of Energy Saving Blower/Compressor, Non Chemical Water Treatment System​

ACME AQUA's product range:
Blower/Compressor - Energy Saving, high efficiency, low noise, less vibration and low maintenance.
VEM Water Treatment - Non chemical, cost saving, safe for operation, easy installation and maintenance free.
Energy Saving Appliances (ESA) - Fuel/LPG/Oil saving. reduces operational costs, cuts CO2 emission by magnetism treatment.

A Recognized Automation & Integration Solutions Provider

A turnkey Automation 4.0 solutions provider in the electronics, life sciences and energy sectors Smart Factory automation machines, software and integration enable the client's manufacturing to be automated, digitalised and connected. The ASYS Group covers 75% of electronics production with its products

Parts & Consumables

The Leading Manufacturer of Silicone Ingot Slicing Beam​

Dow Innovation offers high quality silicone ingot slicing beam used in the wire sawing process. Ensure high sawing efficiency and throughput to reduce input costs. Good compatibility with carious kinds of epoxy adhesives. Available in customised sizes and shapes