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Integrated cloud system to access your data everywhere

Automated machine health diagnosis

The 3Egreen System

The Perfect Solution to Counter Rising Energy Costs and Carbon Taxes

Latest Statistics on Rising Energy Costs and Carbon Taxes

Track your consumption today: Electrical costs are rising rapidly

Carbon taxing is implemented and increasing exponentially

Provides In-depth Insights with Real-Time Data and Analysis

Data creates effective strategies. Know how much energy and where it is used within your business.

Data by Department — is crucial for optimising efficiency and reducing costs. This collected data allows management to identify high-consumption areas and implement targeted strategies to reduce wastage. This informed approach helps lower operational expenses, enhances sustainability, and promotes a responsible, eco-friendly image.

Real-time data every 4 seconds that can detect electrical spikes or changes in consumption pattern

Real-time Data: A spike in energy consumption at 1 PM increased the swimming pool’s baseline usage by 91%, indicating a potential fault that requires technical attention. Addressing this promptly ensures operational efficiency and cost savings, supporting broader sustainability goals and customer satisfaction.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Industries

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Committed to a Sustainable Future and ESG Compliance

As a technology-driven enterprise at the forefront of key global sectors, there is significant potential to make impactful changes in protecting our environment. Our product range emphasises on optimising energy and material management, improving production output to resource consumption and emission ratios. Through our committed efforts, we have been awarded the prestigious ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal Green Badge.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested to find out more how you may better reach the following ESG and Sustainability KPIs and more:
  • Energy consumption tracking and reduction
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Waste reduction
  • Compliance with chemical safety requirements
  • Compliance with environmental standards
  • Compliance with chemical safety requirements
  • Number of suppliers audited against environmental standards